Who We Are

The Ensemble

Double Edge Theatre is an artist-run ensemble theater, founded in Boston in 1982 by Founder & Artistic Director Stacy Klein. Each member of the Ensemble is responsible for the art making as well as the business and board leadership. In 1994 Double Edge moved to a 100-acre Farm in the Ashfield Massachusetts Hilltowns, furthering the sustainability of the theatre and its international artist collaborations. In 1996 actor Carlos Uriona moved from Argentina to Ashfield, bringing his outdoor street based theatre experience to the ensemble. Klein, Uriona, and actor/writer Matthew Glassman (DE member since 2000, and actor Jennifer Johnson (DE collaborator since 1994) are co-artistic directors of the ensemble, and in 2016 actor/rigger Adam Bright, who came to DE from England in 2005, is the producing executive director. The ensemble also includes associate directors Jeremy Louise Eaton (actor, designer, student program leader); Milena Dabova (actor, choreographer, business integration manager); Hannah Jarrell (actor, community development); music and lighting director John Peitso; actor, vocalist, costumiere Amanda Miller; and ensemble emerita Carroll Durand. Recently, Travis Coe has joined as an Associate Ensemble member. Together the group, who hail from across the US, England, Bulgaria, and Argentina, lead the art, the training, the producing, and the Board of the theatre and have been working together for eight to thirty-six years.

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Sustainability and Staffing

Alongside and with the Ensemble is the Double Edge company which includes Resident Artists: Cariel Klein, Associate Producer; Tadea Klein, Costume Designer & Farmer; Andrew Todd, Production Manager & Actor; Robert Carlton, Food Systems & Musician; Zoe Batson, Lighting & Carpentry; Dylan Young, Production & Admin, and Staff: Nancy Dunne, Executive Administrator; Michael Fitzgerald, Operations Director; Silas Riemer, Groundskeeper; Jose Neustadt, Graphic Designer; Gail Wiedmann, Bookkeeper; Kim Chin-Gibbons Marketing Specialist; and Hannah Monohon Administration Intern.

Long-term collaborators 

Long-term collaborators include  Jeff Bird, designer/technical director; Micaela Farías Gómez, music; Ray Gray, facilities and farming advisor; Arlie Hart; Morgan Jenness, dramaturgy; Michal Kuriata, designer; Nina Mankin, dramaturgy; Richard Newman & Liza Bielby; Baraka Sele; Manuel Uriona, music; Walton Wilson, vocal coach; photographers Maria Baranova,  Dr. Dave Weiland, and Bill Hughes, and Ohketeau Leaders Larry Spotted Crow Mann & Jasmine Goodspeed.

Consortium of training and place based theatres

Double Edge Theatre of Ashfield, MA, The Hinterlands of Detroit, MI, Q-Staff of Albuquerque, NM, Mondo Bizarro of New Orleans, LA, Pangea World Theater of Minneapolis, MN, Bettys Daughter Arts of NYC and Durham, NC, Anne Bogart and Stephen Webber of SITI Company of New York, NY, and Open Flame Theatre of Minneapolis, MN, are members of a national consortium of ensemble-based training companies. The consortium represents ensembles based in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest. Member ensembles share a commitment to physical and vocal training as the foundations of our artistic methodologies, the centrality of place in the creation, presentation and touring of original performance work, and a deep investment in the land and communities we call home. Building upon years of informal relationship and exchange, we came together two years ago to share best practices regarding training, performance and ensemble growth and longevity. Members also collaborate, for instance The Ashfield Town Spectacle included the participation of Richard Newman and Liza Bielby from The Hinterlands and Walken Schweigert and Katie Burgess from Open Flame Theatre.

Board of directors

Stacy Klein, president; Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Matthew Glassman, vice president;  Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Adam Bright, treasurer;  Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Carlos Uriona, clerk;  Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Rus Peotter, officer at large; former general manager of WGBY

Donald J. Allison
, LLC, attorney at law, Allison & Angiers
Tara Brewster
, Vice President of Business Development, Greenfield Savings Bank
Deb Clapp, executive director of League of Chicago Theatres
Milena Dabova, Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Carroll DurandDouble Edge Theatre Ensemble Emeritus
Jeremy Louise Eaton, Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Frederick Fierst, attorney at law, Fierst, Kane, and Bloomberg
Hannah Jarrell,  Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Jennifer Johnson, Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Ceceile Klein, president and CEO, Belman Klein Associates
Stephen Kulik, former State Representative
Vijay Mathew, cultural strategist, HowlRound at Emerson College
Rachel Moore, director of leadership gifts, Smith College
John Peitso, Double Edge Theatre Ensemble
Mark Valdez, Artist/Consultant

Harvest Campaign:
Rus Peotter, chair; Javiera Benavente, Tara Brewster, Rosie Caine, Chia Collins, Janet aisley, Eva Fierst, Marina Goldman
Art Justice Group:
DE Company & Baraka Sele (Consultant), Rhonda Anderson, Javiera Benavente, Katie Burgess, Jonathan Clark, Ebony Noelle Golden, Jasmine Rochelle Goodspeed, Leo Hwang, Yves Salomon-Fernandez, Larry Spotted Crow Mann, Vijay Mathew, and Amrita Ramanan
Finance and Personnel: Don Allison, chair; Adam Bright, Stacy Klein