Leonora’s World



Leonora’s World is a Living Art Spectacle that invites the audience to journey through the mysterious, magical, whimsical paintings of Leonora Carrington. Leonora's paintings are brought to life in the fields, gardens, stream, and pond of Double Edge's Farm Center. Saturated in the colors of Fall, a golden field becomes a winding labyrinth, a Wheel of Fortune spins the waters of the stream, and luminous characters wander through hidden interiors in the landscape. The performance includes an indoor vision of Carrington's boundless painting The House Opposite in song and setting, and then travels into a moonlit discovery of dimensions moving from ancient terrain to the arctic.


Selected Articles:

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Leonora’s World Performances:

  • Fall 2019
    Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA)
    Click here to view a digital copy of the program

  • Fall 2018
    Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA)