The Double Edge Ensemble is deeply involved with its Ashfield community, and many local neighbors (artists, craftspeople, business owners, builders, stone masons, excavators, farmers) contribute to life on the Farm year-round. The DE Ensemble also collaborates with a community of local, national and international artists, writers, activists, and thinkers to broaden and share its vision and experience of living culture in Ashfield and beyond.

Community initiatives include:

Art Justice at Double Edge: In the past year Double Edge formally created an art justice board, comprised of our international ensemble and nine long term collaborators from African American, Latinx, Native American, Asian, and LGBT communities. The projects we are engaged in range from training exchange, freedom singing, producing, scholarship and work on access, equity, and inclusion in our own rural area and in communities around the country.  LEARN MORE >> 

Ohketeau: A dedicated community space with primacy for Native American youth programming.

Emerging Artist Studio: Double Edge’s newly created studio devoted to training and performance development by underserved artists, with a particular focus on rural, working class, and African American artists.

Art and Survival: A biennial convening led by DE Co-Artistic Director Matthew Glassman and Mondo Bizzaro’s Nick Slie that brings together change-makers from around the US to the Farm for a 2-day reflection on the inner workings of artistic practice and its impact on culture and movement building.

Local Business Partnerships: Double Edge maintains partnerships with local and regional neighbors and businesses in Franklin County. Local businesses participate in a number of ways, including generous sponsorships, valuable consultations, in-kind contributions for events, and special partnerships.

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